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Aurora Agility provides agile consulting and training services to your organization so that you can maximize customer value.   We bring years of experience to help your organization meet its agile improvement needs.   Specializing in Scrum, we provide training and consulting.   We can help you determine the approach that best fits your specific project needs for your organization.


Learn the fundamental's of Scrum and Agile and how to lead a Scrum team.

Learn From An Expert

Aurora Agility will provide training to your team or organization. We provide training in the Scrum framework as well as specific training in Scrum, including focused training on Scrum events and artifacts. We also can provide workshops in specific Scrum events and practices, as well as other frameworks such as Kanban.


Aurora Agility provides onsite consulting as needed for you to take your agile to the next level

Fine tune your agile implementations.

If you are looking for short engagements to help you assess and identify where you can improve your agile teams, Aurora Agility can help.